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July 2021

An Introduction to Revelation & The End Times, (Bp. Anthony): In this online class, Bp. Anthony will share his notes in a 30-45 minute lecture followed by ample time for Q&A.  (Dates: March 23-April 20)

August 2021
Pastoral Care Revisited, (Bp John): This seminar will be an opportunity for seasoned Pastoral Caregivers to evaluate and enrich their pastoral work revisiting our Orthodox traditions and modern principles of pastoral care. After a short discussion, participants will present cases and the group will evaluate them from a basis of best practices. This course is for clergy only. (Dates: August 26-October 28)

September 2021

Jedi Training for Spiritual Warfare, (Fr. Michael Nasser): Spiritual warfare is real and among us. Fr. Michael's unique approach combines the spirituality from "Unseen Warfare" with helpful quotes from the Star Wars movies.  (Dates: TBA)


March 2022

Lenten Retreat, (Abbot Theodore): This is an online version of a retreat led by Abbot Theodore of the Monastery of Our Lady and St. Laurence in Canon City, CO. Abbot Theodore is also available to give this retreat in person. This retreat is open to everyone. (Dates: March 23-April 20)